Cybertech Automation COVID-19 Update

Wednesday, June 24th

25 years of automation, instrumentation, electrical and control system design experience ready to support your project.

Cybertech Automation can:

Cybertech has 25 years of experience with PLC, DCS, SIS, SCADA and HMI
  • Design and commission new control systems
  • Replace or upgrade obsolete equipment
  • Work with various PLC/DCS/SIS platforms
  • Design and upgrade control networks
  • Configure HMI/SCADA/RTUs
  • Consolidate data and support production reporting
  • Design and fabricate control panels
  • Perform commissioning support
  • Support your drafting and CAD needs



  • Migrating Third-Party SCADA Systems
    Cybertech can reduce your licensing costs and cybersecurity risks
  • Tight Cutovers and Shutdowns
    Learn how Cybertech ensures project success with innovative commissioning management
  • Fixing Control and Safety Systems Gaps
    Find out how Cybertech can automatically reconcile millions of your plant records to identify high-risk misalignments between your Control and Safety systems
  • Process Control Optimization
    Find out how to maximize ROI by optimizing your existing control system performance
  • Modicon
    Find out how Cybertech upgrades these PLCs to the latest Schneider (or other vendor) systems
  • Cybertech Foxboro Tools
    Flag potential issues in your Foxboro, historian and third-party gateways by using Cybertech’s in-house tools to analyze, as-build, reconcile and error-check your graphics/configuration
  • Asset Management Systems
    Why do plants only do initial instrument AMS configuration/commissioning and then not use it again until an instrument fails?
  • Online Swingovers
    Find out how to upgrade and migrate your old control systems on the run with no plant outage
  • GE Fanuc
    Find out how Cybertech upgrades these PLCs to the latest control systems
  • PLC-5
    Find out how Cybertech upgrades these PLCs to the latest Allen-Bradley (or other vendor) systems