Paving the Way to a Sustainable Future – Cybertech Automation’s Work with Tire Recycling and Rubber Crumb

Disposing of old tires presents a significant environmental challenge. Though traditionally sent to landfills, this waste consumes considerable space and risks groundwater contamination and methane gas emissions. Most significantly, tire stockpiles can become a significant toxic fire hazard.

In contrast, recycling tires and converting them into rubber crumb opens up worlds of possibility – turning an environmental liability into an economic asset. Rubber crumb can be utilized in various applications including construction, roadways, advanced materials and even athletics – providing numerous sustainable and cost-effective options.

Working with a major tire recycler with facilities across the United States and Canada, Cybertech Automation optimized processes to produce valuable rubber crumb, playing a critical part in refining the shredding, classification and conveyor systems.

The facility’s shredder breaks down the tires into smaller parts, and its classifier then sorts those parts based on their size and rejects pieces that are too large – functioning much like a large colander.

The client invested in a complex conveyor system to move materials through the shredding and sorting process, and Cybertech Automation tied these conveyors into an overall automation system – accounting for complex coordination across the plant’s different processes.

The solution was a complete PLC, HMI and SCADA configuration using technologies from both Rockwell Automation and Inductive Automation. In addition to increasing operational efficiency, the project solved an immediate environmental challenge while contributing towards a sustainable future.

Cybertech Automation is proud to provide advanced technical solutions that also make a difference for the environment. Please contact us today to see if we can assist with your own project.

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