Cybertech has served the water/wastewater industry for decades – with experience in large-scale urban water processing. We can work with your team to support everything from small processing plants to municipal scale facilities.


  • Water treatment plant control systems
  • Chlorination systems
  • Reservoir pump control
  • Booster station control
  • Blower house control
  • Leachate processing controls

Cybertech Automation can:

Cybertech has 25 years of experience with PLC, DCS, SIS, SCADA and HMI
  • Design and commission new control systems
  • Replace or upgrade obsolete equipment
  • Work with various PLC/DCS/SIS platforms
  • Design and upgrade control networks
  • Configure HMI/SCADA/RTUs
  • Consolidate data and support production reporting
  • Design and fabricate control panels
  • Perform commissioning support
  • Support your drafting and CAD needs