HPXi – Plant Process Control Software

HPXi means I finally get what I want in one automation process control package. Everything is here – including HMI, historian and reporting.

The flagship infoHAWK.net product, HPXi is a next-generation interface for plant process control, data acquisition and data analysis. With its bundled, HMI, historian, trending, alarming and reporting components, HPXi’s single interface approach includes everything you need for controlling and monitoring your plant.

Each component is as fully-featured as competing standalone products. The HMI comes complete with an intuitive drag-and-drop interface that includes over 3000 industrial symbols and controls.  The historian is a capable data repository – able to record process data with industry-standard throughput. The comprehensive alarming component features advanced filtering and configuration options, while the trending functions compare historical and real-time data with compelling visuals. Lastly, the reporting features drive data from the plant floor to the top floor using everything from traditional paper charts to cutting-edge web displays.

In addition to its core feature set, HPXi’s built-in support for OPC, vector-based HMI graphics, templating and open architecture (easily expanded with plug-ins) make it truly unmatched for power and value.

It’s all here. No pulling together different components and platforms. HPXi is the single interface approach to running, monitoring and analyzing your processes.



Create powerful visualizations in a user-friendly, drag and drop environment.


HPXi includes a historian to transform raw data into valuable performance indicators.


Plot historical and real-time data to monitor and analyze your processes.


A sophisticated alarming component with a flexible definition scheme and filtering features.


Create a variety of custom reports and deploy them to paper or the web.

Designs and implements
new control systems
Replaces or upgrades
obsolete equipment
Works with various
PLC/DCS/SIS platforms
Designs and upgrades
control networks
Consolidates data and
supports production reporting
Designs and fabricates
control panels
commissioning support
Supports your drafting
and CAD needs

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